Medical Marijuana Platform Offering Scholarships For Cannabis Research – High Times

Although cannabis has made legal strides in 33 states and is considered acceptable by the majority of American adults, there is comparatively little research being done on its usage and efficacy. We still have very little information about what’s safe, what’s not safe, and what’s safe for how long; we just support how it makes us feel. Even though the federal government still believes cannabis is a dangerous drug, over half of the United States allows its usage for a range of medical problems. Research, however, is lagging way behind demand

Higher Learning

Understanding the need for more research, Veriheal, a medical marijuana telemedicine platform, announced their 2020 cannabis research scholarship, through which they plan to spread out $10,000 between ten students who are currently enrolled in any institutions of higher learning. In an effort to encourage students of color into this lucrative industry, Josh Green and Sam Adetunji want to share their experiences and skills that they’ve developed since they launched Veriheal in 2017. The cannabis scholarship July’s deadline is quickly approaching. Apply here

About The Scholarship

Veriheal values education and wants to help students in need, especially students of color. Co-founders and co-owners, Josh Green, a Florida A&M University alum, and Sam Adetunji, who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, both understand the value of concentrated learning and want to be a part of the effort to bring the focus back to the