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More than a year and a half into medical cannabis sales in Ohio, many cultivators are seeking some regulatory relief—on the amount of space they can use to grow, and how they can package, sell and market cannabis product.

Level II’s Maxed Out

Across Ohio, smaller growers are requesting more cultivation space. “We’re moving stuff pretty quick, as we can get it ready and out the door,” said Scott Golden, facility manager at Agri-Med Ohio, which is located in Meigs County in Southeast Ohio on the West Virginia border and markets its products with the “Meigs County” name.

Cultivators in Ohio were licensed as either “Level I” or “Level II.” Initially, Level I growers are limited to 25,000 square feet of cultivation space and Level II growers are limited to 3,000 square feet. The Ohio Department of Commerce, which regulates cultivators, processors and testing labs, can approve Level I expansions to 50,000 square feet and Level II expansions to 6,000 square feet. The department may then approve Level I and II growers for final expansions to 75,000 square feet and 9,000 square feet, respectively.

As a Level II grower, Agri-Med has maxed out its 3,000-square-foot indoor cultivation space in Langsville. It requested an expansion but was denied, Golden says. Other Level II cultivators in the same situation include Ancient Roots in Wilmington, Fire Rock in Akron, FN Group (Wellspring Fields) in Ravenna and Ohio Clean Leaf in Dayton, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Jennifer Jarrell,