CBD Paste: Benefits and How to Use – Healthline

The rising popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) means there are always new CBD products hitting the market.

You may be familiar with gummies, oils, and capsules. Did you know that there’s another form of CBD called CBD paste?

Below, we take a closer look at CBD paste and how it compares to other CBD products.

CBD paste is similar to other CBD products in that it contains CBD, but it differs a lot in terms of potency. It’s usually much more concentrated than other types of CBD.

Some companies add CBD paste to oils like MCT oil.

CBD paste is a good option for people who want or need to take higher doses of CBD, whether for a specific condition or because smaller doses don’t quite do the trick.

While the research on CBD is still coming out, what we know so far suggests that CBD might have a few benefits.

Some research points to CBD as a potential treatment for pain because it affects cannabinoid receptor activity and reduces inflammation.

Another study found that CBD may also help with pain related to multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis.

However, this study used Sativex, a