Cannabis Use in Ancient Times – From Nomadic Warrior Women to Egyptian Pharaohs, and beyond – CBD Testers

For the last few decades, cannabis use has become increasingly popular in the western world, and over just the last few years it’s become a full-blown industry and way-of-life for many Americans – but did you know cannabis has been trendy for millennia and was used regularly by our ancient ancestors?

While many people used to think that pot became a thing in the 1970s hippie-era, we now know that cannabis use, in one form or another, is documented from basically the beginning of civilized human existence. Ancient uses for this plant aren’t that different from modern ones, and they run the gamut from industrial, to medical, to religious, and even recreational.

The ancients knew the potential of cannabis as a healing plant, as well as a resource for producing many basic necessities.  This is apparent in the sheer level of variety in all the products manufactured by these ancient cultures. They were using cannabis to create textiles and fabrics, medicinal salves, hashish and other concentrates, and it was smoked out of numerous different contraptions comparable to our glass pipes.

This article was quite educational for me, and if there was one take-away that really stuck, it’s that cannabis has been used the same way for thousands of years. It was consumed raw or processed into many different items since the BC era, and it’s always been known as beneficial plant. It was only in the last century that cannabis has been vilified and banned on a massive scale. Until