Cannabis Research Review: What The Research Says About Cannabis Legislation –

Authors: Luke McIntyre, Chia-Wei Jao, Ben

Currently, New Zealanders are voting on
whether to legalise cannabis for recreational use.
Specifically, the referendum asks New Zealanders to indicate
whether they support “Cannabis Legalisation and Control
Bill”, which aims to legalise cannabis while also
introducing strategies to reduce harms (e.g., limit
advertising, age limits). Understandably, given the current
events around the world, this issue has been somewhat
overshadowed. However, what is concerning is the lack of
easy to read, evidence-based, and politically neutral
information available. It is important that we are all able
to access the research in a way we can understand,
particularly for the key issues.

Whilst scientific
data is helpful in making decisions it is important to note
that there is still much to learn about cannabis in NZ and
overseas. Cannabis has not been legalised overseas for long
periods in most places, however, that should not stop us
from looking at what the research is currently telling us.
It is also important to note that comparisons are also
difficult due to the variety of methods some places have
legalised cannabis (e.g., heavily regulated vs.

In this article we aim to show
everyday kiwis what the research says about cannabis
legalisation in the hopes that all New Zealanders will be
able to make an informed decision when they vote on this

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